You’re Not Perfect and That’s OKAY.

There are many in the world that continually feel like they have to be perfect to keep up with the "Jones'". Well, I have never met anyone who fits the definition of perfect and I have certainly never met a member of the Jones's, one of the people who keep record of whether you measure up to them or not.

Chasing after fads and trends to keep up with the latest and greatest only keeps you on someone else's wheel, as they use you and your efforts to build their brand, reputation, following, etc.

You have to recognize that you are worth the effort of exploring who you really are and what you already possess. Attempting to seize someone else's perfect image of you will only result in weariness and stress. It's absolutely futile to think that is even possible.

So just get your head in the game and trust your gut. Reach for the things that make you smile and feel good about yourself. Don't just blindly follow the crowd, unless you really like being disappointed. LOL! #ButSeriously

You matter. Your feelings matter. Your likes and your dislikes matter and are valuable. Don't allow yourself to chase perfection and become a cheap copy. YOU ARE GREATNESS. So rise above the status quo and shine.



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